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[PL] Hello!
Probably no longer zdołaliście time to see this, that beyond the desire to develop a, working on a project, and the competition, It needs support mentoring. Simple indication of the road sometimes enough. Anyone who has ever coached any sport knows, that the biggest progress we are making at the time when we are led by a coach, or we are in a group of older colleagues, that we must "chase" to match their skills. It is this rospend quality support we receive from the company DPS Software, which provided us your program Solidworks.
For the uninitiated program Solidworks is used for graphic design in both two and three dimensions, Thanks to him, we can design individual parts of each component of the vehicle with extreme precision and accuracy.

[ENG] Hi there!
As you all may know, when you try to be better at anything you do, for example at sport, or school, you might need some help. You can get it from your older friends, teachers, or coaches. But I bet you’d agree with me when I say “Best progress is made, when you learn from older mates”. 😉 And that’s what I would say about our sponsor DPS Software GmbH are, who had given us the license, for their product Solidworks to help us with our work.

With Solidworks we can design in 2D and also 3D all of the components of our racing car, with real high precission!

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